At our office, we understand how confusing and sometimes frustrating insurance plans can be. That is why Dr. Jared R. Fortman wants to help everyone understand how dental insurance works and (more importantly) how to make it work best for you.
The contract your employer negotiates with your insurance carrier defines what dental benefits you receive. To better understand these benefits, please read the benefit or insurance plan booklet provided by your employer. Various dental plans cover endodontic procedures at different payment levels and, as a result, your payment portion may vary. If you do not find the answers to your questions, contact your employer’s plan or benefits administrator who can explain the details.

We do our best to estimate benefits and patient copays but some insurance companies do not allow access to this information. In many cases the patient will owe more than what is estimated. If the insurance carrier pays more than the estimate the patient will be given a refund.

Dr. Fortman is a Delta Premier Provider and also a Shirrell provider but accepts insurance from most carriers. Dr. Fortman does not accept payments from Medicaid.