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Endodontic Services Santa Rosa, CA

Endodontists treat diseases of the root canal system such as pain associated with a dying or dead tooth, trauma and failure of teeth previously treated with root canal therapy. Dr. Fortman will examine your condition to determine which treatment options are proper and help you decide what treatment is best. He is highly experienced in this specialty and is the best choice for your endodontic needs in Santa Rosa, CA.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a procedure in which the dead or dying tissue inside the roots is removed. The root canal is then disinfected and filled with an inert substance that can be seen on a dental X-ray. This supports healing of the surrounding tissues and allows you to keep your tooth. Read more »


An Apicoectomy is usually performed as a follow up to a root canal if a canal cannot be properly disinfected due to complex anatomy, separated instruments or blockage due to the placement of a post. Read more »